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Chronic Disease Management

Tileba Surgery does chronic Management

We are contracted in with Medical Aids as well private patients liability – read more


Become the more radiant self assured You, with the easy to follow Slender Wonder Medical Weight Loss treatment program.

Slender Wonder weight loss medical program is an easy to follow program for both male,female and children. Dieting has never been this simple and coupled with a delicious menu of all your 5 food groups, it is an incredible weight loss program. Nobody was born fat!  – read more

Frail care

Tileba Surgery is Infant  & Geriatric friendly.

Almost 45% of its patients are neonates and geriatric patients.  We are invested in the wellness cure and wellness of your infants as well as your elderly. read more


Botox & Fillers

Botox & Fillers is becoming a more and more a household name. Beauty is skin deep. Botox & Fillers can be used for numerous medical conditions as well as aesthetics.  read more

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GP Office

Tileba Surgery primary focus is General Wellness. A General Practitioner is a Medical practitioner who treats all manner of illnesses.  A GP also does health education thus informing and teaching patients as to how they can improve their health.

Slimming Clinic

Tileba Surgery has been accredited by the Slender Wonder board as doctors/suppliers of the Slender Wonder weight loss medical treatment program.
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Biostat Machine

Tileba Surgery does the applied science of Biostatistics using a Biostat machine. What is a Biostat machine? The Biostat machine monitors the statically breakdown of a patient’s anatomy …

HIFU Face lift & Skin tightening


Ultrasound Face Lift


The most innovative procedure in Dermatology  and Aesthetics has reached South Africa.  Ultrasound face lift is the only FDA approved procedure for lifting and tightening the skin, using ultra sound. The aim of the procedure is to rejuvenate and restore the collagen under the skin.

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